Title: Do Less, Get More: Streaming Submodular Maximization with Subsampling

Authors: Moran Feldman, Amin Karbasi, Ehsan Kazemi


In this paper, we develop the first one-pass streaming algorithm for submodular maximization that does not evaluate the entire stream even once. By carefully sub- sampling each element of the data stream, our algorithm enjoys the tightest approx- imation guarantees in various settings while having the smallest memory footprint and requiring the lowest number of function evaluations. More specifically, for a monotone submodular function and a p-matchoid constraint, our randomized algorithm achieves a 4p approximation ratio (in expectation) with O(k) memory and O(km/p) queries per element (k is the size of the largest feasible solution and m is the number of matroids used to define the constraint). For the non-monotone case, our approximation ratio increases only slightly to 4p + 2  o(1). To the best or our knowledge, our algorithm is the first that combines the benefits of streaming and subsampling in a novel way in order to truly scale submodular maximization to massive machine learning problems. To showcase its practicality, we empirically evaluated the performance of our algorithm on a video summarization application and observed that it outperforms the state-of-the-art algorithm by up to fifty-fold while maintaining practically the same utility. We also evaluated the scalability of our algorithm on a large dataset of Uber pick up locations.

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