Welcome to the Inference, Information and Decision (I.I.D.) Systems Group at the Yale Institute for Network Science . The group is led by Amin Karbasi .

The research in I.I.D. is at the intersection of learning theory, optimization, and information processing. We develop data-driven algorithms, with strong theoretical guarantees,  that can automatically acquire and reason about highly uncertain information. Our application domains include interactive recommender systems, social and neural networks, and optimal experimental design.


Lin Chen received 2018 Google PhD felloswhip. Congrats Lin. 
Understanding Ourselves Through Neuroimaging and Algorithms
AFOSR Young Investigator Research Award 2018
We are organizing a workshop at NIPS 2017 on Discrete Structures in Machine Learning. 
MICCAI Young Scientist Award for  ”A Submodular Approach to Create Individualized  Parcellations of Human Brain”