Title: Unconstrained submodular maximization with constant adaptive complexity

Authors: Lin Chen, Moran Feldman, Amin Karbasi


In this paper, we consider the unconstrained submodular maximization problem. We propose the first algorithm for this problem that achieves a tight $(1/2−ε)$-approximation guarantee using $O(ε^{−1})$ adaptive rounds and a linear number of function evaluations. No previously known algorithm for this problem achieves an approximation ratio better than 1/3 using less than Ω(n) rounds of adaptivity, where n is the size of the ground set. Moreover, our algorithm easily extends to the maximization of a non-negative continuous DR-submodular function subject to a box constraint, and achieves a tight (1/2−ε)-approximation guarantee for this problem while keeping the same adaptive and query complexities.

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