Amin Karbasi is currently an associate professor of electrical engineering, computer science, and statistics and data science at Yale university. Prior to that he was a post-doctoral scholar at ETH Zurich, Switzerland (2013-2014). He obtained his Ph.D. (2012) and M.Sc. (2007) in computer and communication sciences from EPFL, Switzerland and his B.Sc. (2004) in electrical engineering from the same university.

Student Awards

I am proudest of the recognitions my students/mentees received, including:

  • Graduate Fellowship for STEM diversity from NSA received by Jane Lee
  • Simons Research Fellowship 2021 for Chris Harshaw
  • Brain Initiative Trainee Award 2020 for Javid Dadashkarimi
  • Simons Research Fellowship 2020 for Lin Chen
  • Facebook-Main Award 2019 for Mehraveh Salehi
  • Ivy 3-Minute Thesis Competition Award 2019 for Mehraveh Salehi
  • Best Poster Award in International Workshop on Connectomics in Neuroimaging, MICCAI 2019 for Javid Dadashkarimi
  • Google PhD Felloswhip Award 2018 for Lin Chen
  • MICCAI Young Scientist Award 2017 for Mehraveh Salehi
  • Early Postdoc Mobility fellowships 2015 from Swiss National Science Foundation for Ehsan Kazemi


  • GRAIL 2022 best paper award for the paper “Transforming connectomes to ‘any’ parcellation via graph matching”
  • Bell Labs Prize 2021 for “Reading the Brain: From Neurons to Bits”
  • NSF CAREER Award 2019
  • ONR Young Investigator Award 2019
  • Amazon Research Award 2018
  • AFOSR Young Investigator Award 2018
  • Microsoft Azure Research Award 2017
  • Grainger Award 2017 from National Academy of Engineering for Advancement of Interdisciplinary Research
  • MICCAI Best Paper Award 2017 for the paper “A Submodular Approach to Create Individualized Parcellations of the Human Brain”
  • Simons Research Fellowship 2017 for “Foundations of Machine Learning”
  • DARPA Young Faculty Award 2016
  • Google Faculty Research Award 2016
  • AISTATS Best Student Paper Award 2015 for the paper “Tradeoffs for Space, Time, Data and Risk in Unsupervised Learning”
  • IEEE Data Storage Best Student Paper Award 2013 for the paper “Noise-Enhanced Associative Memories”
  • Patrick Denantes Memorial Prize 2013 for the best Ph.D. thesis in the school of computer and communication sciences at EPFL
  • ETHZ Fellowship Grant 2013
  • ICASSP Best Student Paper Award 2011 for the paper “Calibration in Circular Ultrasound Tomography Devices”
  • ACM SIGMETRICS Best Student Paper Award 2010 for the paper “Distributed Sensor Network Localization from Local Connectivity: Performance Analysis for the HOP-TERRAIN Algorithm”
  • ISIT Best Student Paper Award Nominee 2010 for the paper “Graph-Constrained Group Testing”

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