I’m Javid Dadashkarimi PhD candidate in computer science department at Yale University. I’m so grateful to work with Dustin Scheinost and Amin Karbasi in my PhD. Currently, I am interested in finding a mechanism to transfer human brain images between two atlases, with different resolutions, or with variable shapes: Check out my website for more information.

PhD, Computer Science

Yale University

Advisor: Dustin Scheinost, Amin Karbasi

Thesis: Visualizing and Analysis of Functional Brain Connectomes

M.Eng., Software Engineering,

University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, 2012-2015

Advisor: Azadeh Shakery, Heshaam Faili

Thesis: ‘Dictionary-based English-Persian Cross-language Information Retrieval’

B.Eng., Software Engineering,

University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, 2008-2012 Advisor: Azadeh Shakery

Thesis: ‘Building Persian Plugin for GATE’


Brain Initiative Trainee Award, BRAIN Initiative Investigators Meeting 2020.

Best Poster Award in International Workshop on Connectomics in Neuroimaging, MICCAI 2019.

Student Support for 26th COLING conference, Osaka, Japan, 2016

Student Grant award for 5th ACM ICTIR conference, Massachusetts, USA, 2015

Excellent Master Thesis Honor, 2015

1 of 6 awarded M.Eng., scholarships in University of Tehran, 2012

1 of 3 selected students for nationwide conference of ‘Little Scientists’ in 2003 -

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